Three Years From Now, Most Home Business Entrepreneurs Will Still Be Struggling To Figure Out How To Recruit GenX and Millennials Into Their Business

You Have A Decision To Make... Will You Be Part Of The Group That Struggles, Or Will You Be In Massive Momentum With The Most Powerful Generation of Leadership To Ever Hit The Network Marketing Profession?

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What's Your Vision For Your Business 3-5 Years From Now?

Did you know that the majority of people in direct sales and network marketing 5 years from now will be GenX and MILLENNIALS? Do You Know How To Recruit Them?

How Will The Next Generation Of Home Business Entrepreneurs Respond To Your Message?

Learn The Secret Language and The Most Effective Approaches Top Home Business Marketers Are Using To Recruit GenX and Millennials... Or Just Drive Them Away!

Stop Scaring Your MLM Prospects Away!

Introducing Recruit GenX & Millennials Home Business Online Training Course Featuring Legendary Industry Trainer Doug Firebaugh and GenY Industry Powerhouse Leader, Taylor Radway.

MLM Recruit GenX and GenY - Doug Firebaugh and Taylor Radway

What Can You Expect?

  • How To Find & Recruit Millennials

    How to find and recruit Millennials and GenXers in multiple ways.

  • Connect & Communicate

    Where to engage with them and what to say.

  • Psychology & Mindsets

    The Psychology of Recruiting Millennials and GenXers.

Discover How To Dominate!

  • Avoid Landmines

    The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Approaching them.

  • What To Say

    The 7 Most Powerful Words you can use with GenX & GenY.

  • Scripts

    Powerful Scripts for Recruiting them. Know What to Say and How to Say It!

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MP3 Audio Download Featuring An Interview With Taylor Radway

Bonus 1This 23 year old entrepreneur's wisdom for the industry will stun you! He has been an incredible student and he has applied these proven strategies that have thrust him to the top of multiple companies in short order! Listen up as he digs deep into his wealth of knowledge and shares what makes his generation tick.

$97.00 Value

MP3 Audio Download - The Ten Commandments of Millennial GenX Recruiting

Bonus 2

Do you know the Ten Commandments of Recruiting Gen X and Millenials? This audio will go through what you MUST know and DO to create the Magnetic Influence that is needed to recruit them. This auido will help enlarge your Vision for your business with the Power of the Gen Xer and Gen Yer. This you will listen to over and over as it will motivate you to talk to this generations as well- whether you are yourself a Gen Xer or Millenial, or even a Baby Boomer! THIS is a Game Changer!

$97.00 Value

Instagram Marketing Secrets PDF Download

Bonus 3GenY Loves Instagram! While most people are still trying to figure out Facebook and YouTube, Millennials tend to hang out on Instagram by the Multitudes! Learn the strategies that make this GenY targeted social site a goldmine for the unforeseeable future.

$97.00 Value

Ideal Recruiting Scripts for Recruiting Millenials & GenXers

Bonus 4

This bonus report will give you several PROVEN scripts that will create massive Influence with your prospect. These scripts are easily duplicated and will add to your Power to recruit at will and on demand. Talking Points are included as well to be able to put in your own style and language.

$97.00 Value

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GenX & GenY -- Creative. Powerful. Passionate. Energetic.

Their Visionary Leadership is Looking For Your Business.
Do You Know How To Influence Them?

MLM Recruiting Training - Recruit GenX and GenY by Doug Firebaugh and Taylor Radway

Discover Their Differences... What Makes Them Unique?

The Next Generation of Home Business Entrepreneurs have a mindset like no other generation before them. They are Fearless. They think Globally. They pursue The Impossible. You've Got to Know what makes them tick.

Creativity and Energy 

Tap into this force and you'll reap the rewards of the coming momentum unforeseen in the industry before.

Social & Tech Savvy

They were Born and Bred on the Web. No Learning Curve... Plus You Just May Learn From Them!

Enterprising and Fearless!

They won't limited by the constraints of a 9-5 job. They think on a global scale. They take risks. They want more than their parents have and they will work to get it!

If you want more GenX and GenY leads, sales, and recruits make sure you take this course.